What We Do

  1. We invest in founders. Period.

    Great businesses are not built by chance but by the ability to take a chance - and hence the founding team is of utmost importance to us. We love to partner with founders that show passion, commitment, flexibility, and most important of all, a determined attitude to overcome the challenges associated with early stage ventures.

  2. We like to step in early.

    While we focus on early stage ventures, we definitely like to partner with founders that have a working prototype in place, as it enables us to understand the solution better and to gauge the market opportunity and scalability. We are extremely selective, as our thesis is to make a few but meaningful investments, adding genuine value wherever we can – that is who we are and what we love doing.

  3. We adopt a practical approach towards investing.

    Given the stage at which we enter, we apply a very practical and hands on approach while evaluating potential portfolio companies. Having a well thought out viable business plan, with an orientation towards future scalability and profitability, makes our day. Valuing the time of founders, our team strives to bring each conversation to its logical conclusion as efficiently as possible.

  4. Singularity is important to us.

    We believe in ideas that are disruptive and aim to transcend current market solutions. We want to support rare opportunities that go beyond the ordinary and that stand out from its fellow compatriots, either with respect to the product, the business model, or both.

  5. Once invested, we are in for the long haul.

    The journey towards building great businesses is challenging, and we support our founders as much as possible. Having deep industry expertise and a very strong network at our end clearly helps. With us in your corner, you can be certain that we will back you up.

What Have We Been Up To

Who We Are

Shiraz Bugwadia

An entrepreneur at heart himself, Shiraz is one of the co-founders of o3 Capital, a leading Indian mid market Investment Bank, and has been part of the team instrumental in building a formidable home grown advisory franchise.


Having been an investment banker for more than 15 years, Shiraz is now focussing on o3 Capital’s Asset Management platform and is spearheading Uniqorn Ventures - the early stage investing arm of o3 Capital.


Being a firm believer of execution, Shiraz maintains that founders and the team are key to a successful company, and that is also his core mantra while evaluating potential investments at Uniqorn Ventures.

Yogesh Bhati

With more than 6 years of experience in early stage equity capital syndication, Yogesh comes with a deep understanding of business models and market nuances in various industries. Having a degree in MBA from IIM Calcutta, as well as a degree in Law to his credit, Yogesh brings on board relevant managerial and legal expertise.


Yogesh loves his numbers (has a Bachelors’ degree in Mathematics from St. Stephen’s College), and expects the same degree of familiarity (with numbers that is) from the founders of start-ups as well.

Anchal Saraf

Anchal comes with a background of working with start-ups, across varied sectors and geographies, and brings on board expertise around analysing the feasibility of businesses vis a vis the industry. She was previously working with Scaale Capital and actively advising start-ups on their business models. She has done her MBA in Finance from Symbiosis International University, and Bachelors in Economics from Presidency College.


Anchal believes that innovation is the basic driver for the success of a business, and keeps that in perspective while engaging with potential investments.

Board of Advisors

K R Choudary

Mr. K R Choudary founded Krishil Capital Holdings Pvt. Ltd. in 1999, a family office based out of Bangalore, and has since been at the helm of mentoring and consulting companies in various industries and of diverse scale. Prior to Krishil, he was one of the founding partners of KPMS & Associates, a leading Chartered Accountants firm in Bangalore, and has worked closely with numerous public and private companies. 

Mr. Choudary is also an active member of FKCCI (Federation of Karnataka Chamber of Commerce and Industry).